Purpose built craft space

Really Excited

I have been really struggling with not having the right layout in my craft space (wishing I had the space and funds to build a purpose built craft space …..  this can stifle creativity and cause great frustration.  Having lost my craft room just over a year ago – I have finally sold some of my craft storage furniture and was able to visit B&Q (Other diy suppliers available – lol) and decide with the help of my Mum and Dad what we were going to build in.

On Wednesday with the help of my kids I moved all my craft stuff into the lounge, bottom of the stairs and middle of the kitchen – the house looks like a craft shop bomb dropped on it.


Just some of the piles of boxes

And then this happened.    WOW – the weathermen were right.  Storm Emma and the Beast from the East met over the south west and created a snow party …………..

Sadly all the building materials were in my kitchen ready to have my new craft area done

But the snow had other ideas.  My Dad lives about 1/2 hour drive away and it was not possible to get here to do this.  (Their road is very steep and slippy)  And they had as much if not more snow than we did.


So whilst the snow was fun, trying to get around my house and the craft storage boxes was not.

We did however enjoy lots of quite time crafting in the lounge with the heating on ………. I am much luckier than many others, had a warm place to be and hot drinks ………

The storm arrived Thursday and by Monday – we had had rain and it had all gone.

Guess what …… my Dad arrived, drills, hammers, tool kit, ladders etc at the ready and we have made a start.

I am slightly excited and nervous at the same time.  The vision was all in my head, bless him he has had to translate it …… and will be creating a breakfast bar with purpose built shevling etc.

heres m just a little bit excited