Gift Code Club


How does this work?

How does this work?

At the beginning of every month I will generate a Hostess Code for my Online Store. This is for anyone shopping at my Online Store. When you place an order on my store your order is shipped to you direct as normal but if you enter the HOSTESS CODE in the online store  then you will added to my hostess list to share the Stampin Rewards that are accumulated over the month with all the orders. The only thing you need to do differently to your normal order is to enter the code. There is a minimum spend of £25. Please note your usual postage charge of £4.95 will apply.  Your order will not be delayed, as the gift code rewards are accumulated virtually, and at the end of the month totalled up.

At the end each month I will close the orders and work out how many freebies we have earned and I will then select a gift for you from within those freebies and send it separately in the post to you. I cover the cost of sending the gift. You will also get a beautiful handmade card from me.  So thats free products (your gift and a handmade card).  Whats not to love?

PLEASE NOTE – if you are spending over £150 then DO NOT enter the code as you will qualify for your own Stampin Rewards.

So how do you order?

  • Log ono
  • and then sign in (if you have already created an account) or create and account.
  • Do your shopping as normal
  • You can enter your code any time you are on the Shopping Bag page. See the example below

Screenshot 2015-06-02 12.05.04

  • Finish shopping as normal, my name should appear as the hostess!
  • Await your goodies from the UPS delivery and then a little gift in the post from me too!

I would love to be able to send you a little something extra every month.  Imagine getting that happy gift every time you shop with me.

Happy Shopping.  I look forward to popping a little something in the post every month.